Domtar Garden

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Year: 2002

Client: Domtar

Awards: 2003: Designers Award from the Quebec Association of Landscape Architects (AAPQ)

2003: Orange Prize – Urban Design Award from Save Montreal

Domtar’s decision to purchase an adjacent parking lot in order to create a semi-public garden was driven by their environmental vision and commitment to offer a major green space to the city. This project serves as an example of corporations contributing to the greening of downtown cores.

A wide walkway was created forming a strong axis bisecting the garden and connecting the metro access to the building’s main entrance. Two contrasting landscapes are found on either side of the walkway. On one side, a forest environment is recreated, providing a critical mass of greenery, while on the opposite side, a formal grid-like pattern of street trees captures the same spirit in a more urban manner. The garden also features a playground and a natural stone terrace.