Shenyang Zhonghui Plaza

Shenyang, Liaoning, China

Year: Ongoing

Client: Shenyang Huahui Real Estate Co. Ltd

Shenyang Zhonghui Plaza is an urban mixed-use space located in northern China. WAA created a landscape design that echoes the vast and rich array of natural resources that are found in the region. Monumental stone rockeries, waterfalls and pools reflect both the scale of the project and the scale of the geographic region. Details in the paving feature warm colours and textures, as well as patterns which recall the mountainous landscape of the North. Because much of the commercial space in the plaza is semi-enclosed, WAA repeated some of the project’s outdoor urban elements – such as lampposts, benches and street trees – within the indoor spaces to create a continuous and uninterrupted urban space which blurs the line between inside and out.