Cathedral Promenade

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Year: 1989
Client: Jean Laramée & Westcliff
Awards: 1989: National Merit Prize and Regional Honour Award from the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects (CSLA)

A favourite haven for Montrealers and visitors alike, the grounds of the Christ Church Anglican Cathedral offer both a traditional churchyard that has been rebuilt and enhanced and a contemporary cloistered garden.

Refined details were created respecting a religious theme. A black granite fountain resembling a baptismal font graces the cloistered garden with the calming sound of water. The semi-enclosed area filled with sun, trickling water, floral aromas and colourful planting creates a magical, tranquil ambiance. The covered walkway joining the Cathedral to the adjacent office tower adds to the cloistered effect and gives the space a sense of intimacy in the heart of the city.