Parliament Hill

Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

Year: 1999

Client: National Capital Commission of Quebec

Following a long consultation process and an in-depth analysis of the Parliament Hill Precinct, a master plan was prepared in hopes of initiating major urban renewal projects throughout the area. The plan called for the revamping of the precinct’s government offices housed in several buildings outside the historic world heritage site of the Old City. Once the master plan was approved, a multitude of urban renewal projects were put forward.

This project illustrates the complexity and great success of these undertakings. The history of the site combined with its busy urban context makes it a tricky space to design. The façade of the parliament building opens onto a rich and complex green space reflective of the site’s historical value and contemporary setting. Although the site is mainly used for provincial administrative functions, it is also used for many public festivities attended by locals as well as by the millions of visitors attracted to this world-renowned city.