Montreal Tramway

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Year: Ongoing

Client: City of Montreal in collaboration with GENIVAR, Systra and Gautier Conquet

Montreal will soon be introducing a tramway network. Modern trams built in recent years are in no way comparable to those found on Montreal streets up until 1959. These new systems are reliable, attractive, friendly, comfortable, and can accommodate significant passenger traffic. Currently in operation in several northern cities, modern trams are fully functional in our climate.

This type of transportation service is particularly suited to urban areas where there is a certain density and diversity of activities generating demand for travel throughout the day and in both directions. Installed at street level, tram systems are an opportunity to redefine the division of the road, particularly by removing the traffic lanes or parking, and to redesign the surrounding landscape and initiate important urban revitalization efforts.

WAA is currently working on pre-feasibility analyses for Montreal’s new tramway.