Oran Convention Centre

Oran, Algeria

Year: Ongoing


The city of Oran is taking giant strides towards the revitalization of its city center, starting with the construction of a modern convention centre (the CCO), and surrounding landscape.

WAA’s mandate was to imagine, design and propose an in situ landscape that will help the city achieve its aspirations, and elevate its status to a leading environmentally conscious and green North African city.

WAA’s scope of work encompassed two major boulevards, twelve roundabouts, and the cliff below the CCO overlooking the Mediterranean; all are within the vicinity of one another and connect through a webbed vehicular and pedestrian promenade of green spaces and trees. The boulevard that leads to the CCO carries a simple yet chic and elegant design that reflects the image of the esteemed building, while the other boulevard would evolve into a meeting place or a “Rambla” where communities gather. Each roundabout features a unique design, and depending on context, concepts range from the extravagant, to the avant-garde, to traditional Algerian landscapes.

All vegetation and plants are carefully chosen to match local climatic conditions and to provide color, perfume and shade throughout the seasons, and in all kinds of weather.