At WAA, we respect the needs of our clients and do our best to understand their objectives. We strive to respect the environment and local culture in all of our work. We respect our employees and value their opinions. We are focused on instilling our employees with a strong sense of self-esteem which contributes to better working relationships and improved creativity.


WAA will only make decisions which are compatible with our ethics and beliefs. We will always express our true opinions to our clients. We refuse to engage in any conflicts of interest.


WAA’s work must produce permanent results. This means that all our design and planning decisions are geared towards quality and sustainability. This includes quality of design, material and construction implementation methods, in order to ensure the greatest longevity of the end product and a better return on our clients’ investments.


We pride ourselves on being leaders in our field, constantly striving to offer original concepts and designs. Within WAA, we encourage leadership by giving our employees the opportunity to grow and to take on greater responsibilities.


At WAA, we promote happiness. Happiness creates great working environments. But, happiness is also how people should feel when they experience and use the spaces we design. Finally, happiness is what our clients should feel when they work with us and especially when they see their projects come to fruition.